Sunday, February 24, 2008

It was a stormy and dreary night

The forecast called for storm conditions, heavy wind, blinding rain. And as usual for San Francisco's Chinese New Year parade, the rain pretty much held up during the parade and the heavy winds and rain came after it was done. Must be the incense and firecrackers.

I had misgivings shooting this years parade, because of the storm and a fear that - because of the challenging photographic conditions - that my camera wouldnt be able to handle it. Turned out my fears were overblown. The rain wasnt bad, the parade went off without a hitch and the camera came through like a champ in the dark and rain.

I've come to look forward to shooting this parade even with the challenges and the physiciality of it. Im truly happy when I do, almost as if Im riding a natural high.
Every year I shoot the parade, I get frustrated. The cameras are never able to handle it, and every year I base my camera purchases on what happened during this parade. They have to be able to handle everything from changing light - from TV lights to utter darkness, shooting scenes to people and to be able to handle the inevitable rain and take over a thousand images without complaing.

And this year - the Fuji s5 came through like a champ. THIS is what I bought the camera for. :)

I was afraid that I would inevitably be feening for a better camera and be frustrated, but no - apart from a few blown out images (which were my fault), the camera came through. That put a smile on my face.

Of course, I will be buying other photographic gear this year - but I currently have what I need, I wont have to go buy something else based on fears of inadequacy.

This is a good thing.
After the parade, feeling good, sore as usual (but a good sore), I felt as if a major thing was crossed off my list. Whatever Ive been waiting on has been crossed off my list, and Im now ready to deal with the Next Thing, whatever that is.

It is a weird feeling, this certainty, but since I dont have the benefit of accurate foresight, I've learned to just go with it. The feeling usually turns out to bs right in the end.

I couldve made it easier by getting work to pay the bills, but I simply wouldnt. I was afraid I had slipped into depression, but I just knew I had to wait it through. Not fun, but I trust my instincts, even while I think Im indulging in lunacy, frankly.

But no, I feel as if - come what may, it's going to be better. Much better.

I have nothing to base that on, but there it is.

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