Thursday, May 29, 2008

There's no whine for my cheese

Ive been feeling blah and stressed, I dont feel like the pics Im taking and Ive totally lost my sense of irony in a town chock fulla irony.

And yet, Ive got nothing to complain about.

Oh sure, things arent PERFECT what with no money, temperamental laptop and all, but all things considered I aint doin badly at all.

Ive enrolled in a job program that feeds, clothes and houses me for free. And to make sure they get their funding, they dont want me to even look for a job for two weeks! Sure, they get 75% of my income to put it into savings (minus any bills I might have, of which I have none) so that I can get a good place and have some cash, but that isnt a bad thing.

And bonus, that moratorium on getting work gets me through this MercRX period, so I can lay low.

All in all, Im not doing badly, so I really have nothing to whine about. Dangit.
Again, a strong congratulations for my birthday sister Cyn on becoming a first time PUBLISHED novelist and author with a 3 book deal from a major publishing house.

Let me tell ya, she's been dreaming and working on this a long time.

Righteous, sis.

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cindy said...

thanks for the well wishes, joey! i don't think you've found your groove yet in LA, just because there's nothing to complain about doesn't mean that our soul is happy.