Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random notes I had up elsewhere

"One can never change the past, only the hold it has on you." - Merle Shain.

I am trying to wipe that tendency clean. Vegas is helping. I am finding that I am constrained mostly by memories, and theyre hindering, not helping.

Leave the past in the past and all that jazz.

Listening to old-school in the Starbux made me think of this:

My father used to arrest many of the old reggae stars, but he liked them all - except for Bob Marley, who he considered a serious asshole. When he got a girl I had a teen crush on preggers (he had a thing for beauty queens), I adopted the same viewpoint. Still, his music is a part of my childhood, even though I never really cared for reggae growing up.

My pops would bring home free records he got from the recording studios, so I got to hear a lot of the up and comers. I think my brother still has a lot of them.
Starting to do crunches again. Being out in the Nevada sun is making me feel fit. However, many leg lifts arent ez as they used to be.

Getting older, my fitness level has gotten far worse over the years. I dont even jog anymore. But being in Vegas, walking everywhere in 100 plus degree heat, Ive lost a lot of weight (40 lbs in my estimation) and I am even seeing evidence of a six pack.

However, there is some skin sagging evident, and more stretch marks that I care to admit to, so tightening up is imperative.

I still have an aversion to crunches, always have, but I am tired of feeling my age. Hell, I feel older.


One great thing about Vegas, putting your clothes out to dry - the heat and low humidity dries and freshens up clothes a treat.

I am surprisingly acclimatized to the heat. If it gets below 75 degrees I find myself getting cranky.

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