Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rules of the Driveway, Vegas style

Among the things Ive learned living in Vegas is that you can get run over walking in driveways and parking lots. Its as if people veer toward pedestrians on purpose. There will be NO activity or traffic before you get there, then all of a sudden, youre about to get run over!

My theory is that many driving around Vegas unconsciously use people as reference points because of the flatness and large spaces in Vegas. Its as if many drivers get disoriented driving in Vegas.

At first it was disconcerting having to look both ways and over my shoulder when crossing driveways, intersections and parking lots. Then I thought I was just being paranoid, but now I accept it as fact - you gotta treat driveways and parking lots as if youre crossing the highway.

I wish this were just hyperbole, but it is absolutely true. Stick to the curbs in driveways and parking lots and keep your head on a swivel. The limb you save may be your own.

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