Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Seemingly illogical in Chinatown

All along Las Vegas's chinatown - Spring Mountain Rd, there are many of these signs from the major casinos advertising chinese restaurants in the casinos. As a matter of fact, almost all the major casinos have at least one chinese restaurant in them.
In addition, they strive mightily to emphasize these restaurants as among the best chinese restaurants in Vegas.

This puzzled me for months. Why would the casinos advertise chinese restaurants in their casinos so heavily, in a place where there are many more and (presumably) better asian restaurants?

Only yesterday did it dawn on me the quite sound reasoning behind all this.

Asian folk are a sizable portion of the casino's clientele and by attracting them with good (and inexpensive) chinese food, theyre hoping to get more bodies to eat AND gamble.

Ohhh. Duh.

Proving once again, there are actually good reasons for what happens in Vegas. Even the seemingly illogical.


cindy said...

ha! i spent my christmases in vegas. =D and they bus chinese from los angeles to vegas FOR FREE i think on a daily basis? and give them MONEY to gamble with. yep. well, they did a few years back--not sure if they still do.

Joe Pennant said...

Ha! I had heard in Frisco that they were doing that if you wanted to go to Reno - but I havent heard that about Vegas nowadays. Then again, Im not really plugged into AllAbout Vegas yet.

See, you should write about those childhood memories. :) Not melodramatic Amy Tan style, but in your personal style.